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Positive concussion healing affirmations that helped me to change my mindset into a healing state

Updated: Nov 20

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2 years after my accident, I felt like I needed to get out of the negative spiral so I started looking for ways. Affirmations are one of these things that really helped me in my concussion healing journey. I focussed on concussion healing affirmations and changing my mindset into a healing state.

Concussion healing affirmations

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Your mind is a garden; what seeds are you planting?

Did you know that your mind is 10% conscious and 90% unconscious? So, the unconscious mind is where most of the work gets done. It’s, therefore, really important to be aware of what thoughts you “feed” to your subconscious mind. Feeding it healing thoughts and beliefs will help in your healing process.

What are affirmations and how (often) do I use them?

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to overcome negative thoughts. I say those sentences out loud every day. It’s really important to do them frequently and not just once. It takes time before your unconscious mind will take over these thoughts and start to believe them.

When I started using them, I set a routine of doing them every morning right after I woke up and every evening right before going to bed. It really feels like the lasts thoughts you’re thinking before going to sleep will affect your sleep and the next morning. So, if you fall asleep with negative thoughts, more negativity may likely leak into and haunt your next day as well.

I started using the affirmation 2 years after my accident when I was in a bad place. I needed to be free of that negative spiral that so encumbered me. I wrote down the affirmations on little cards and repeated them every day, twice.

Did the affirmations help right away?

I would lie when I say that those affirmations were helping right away. I even started losing faith in the amount of help they offered. I had no other options though; there were no doctors who could help me, and I was at home all the time so why not giving it a real chance.

After 2 months, I started to notice a (small) difference. I felt more positive, woke up a bit happier, and felt more motivated to start looking for treatments again. I started to write down how I felt before the affirmations and after repeating them, and I noticed that I was more positive.

Maybe you don’t notice a difference right away but when you look back a few months or maybe even longer, you will notice a difference. So, it’s really important to write things down about how you feel so you can look back at that after a while.

What concussion healing affirmations did I use?

Every day, I repeated these (concussion healing) affirmations out loud:

  • My body is able to heal itself

  • My brain is able to heal itself

  • My body is getting better every day

  • I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly

  • I am healthy, I am healed

  • I am always on the right path

  • I appreciate and love my body

  • I am calm and at peace

  • My sleep is relaxing and refreshing

  • I fall asleep easily

  • My body is strong healthy and relaxed

  • I choose to release my illness

  • I let go of all negative thoughts and feelings

  • I will get through this situation and come out healthier and happier

  • I give myself time and permission to heal

  • I know the process of healing takes time and patience

You can try my affirmations but most important is that you really “feel” the affirmations. Just saying them and not feeling them is not going to work. So, feel free to use your own affirmations or adjust them to how it feels right for you. Be patient with yourself. Let the ministrations of the inexorable pass of time help in healing you even as the affirmations rebuild your mind and body. One way or another, we are all broken. Take a small measure of comfort in the fact that now you know how to fix yourself. Small, healthy choices make a big difference in the long run.

concussion recovery

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