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From the 1st of April, there will be an online platform with classes given by experts from all over the world. This makes therapy more accessible and affordable for everyone just from the safe space of your home.

It will be a community for like-minded individuals wanting to get better and refusing to let this be their life permanently. 

The community will offer support from others and online live classes given by experts from all over the world.

Everything on just one platform.


Don't limit yourself to therapies offered only in your own country. There are more.


Think about the following sessions:

- Physiotherapy / exercise

- Fatigue management

- Psychology

- Mindset & Coaching

- Vision classes

- PCS Yoga

- Meditation & breathwork

- Natural medicine / essential oils

- Hypnose sessions

- Mindfulness

- Nutrition / Supplements

- Cognitive boost sessions

- Medical Q&A

There will be a new schedule every month, the schedule is coming soon! 

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Launch date 1st OF April

The concussion community



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