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2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured_edited.jpg

The 2 proven methods to drastically reduce concussion symptoms by 50% within 3 months. 


That 90% of the concussion survivors don't know about.

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2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoo

You are a concussion survivor and want to do everything to get better.

You have already tried things to reduce your symptoms.

But now you notice... It's not progressing as quickly as expected. In fact, you had hoped to be much further in your recovery by now.

You know that much more is possible; you've just hit a roadblock on how to best achieve it.

For example, you notice that...

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✔️ Most doctors can't help. They don't believe you, you're getting misdiagnosed, sending you home to rest, or prescribing medicines that do more harm than good.  

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✔️ You lose yourself on the internet in the information that actually does not apply to your situation. You want to stop "just doing something", but take control of your recovery with the right tools and knowledge.

✔️ You're getting so overwhelmed by all the different possibilities out there that you don't start or try anything at all. 

✔️ You're done with the ups and downs that come with concussion recovery. Sometimes, you feel on top of the world and the next day, out of the blue, you're totally off, and you have no idea why. You're ready for a balance between doing things and rest. 

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✔️ You first wanted to move forward by yourself, but you notice that you still miss the correct knowledge to do so. You want to be able to rely on your body in every situation, enjoy the process of healing and gain more control over it. 

If you feel like this, you're at the right place.

That's exactly what I'm going to share in this masterclass.

I have already helped hundreds of concussion survivors reduce their symptoms without overwhelming them with 1000 different possibilities.


In this masterclass, I will tell you the 2 things (that many people haven't done yet) to improve headaches, fatigue, energy, sleep, anxiety, vision, and the ability to return to exercise.

So what to do now? 

I don’t teach concussion management. I teach people how to heal their concussion so they can get back to living their life again to its fullest. 

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✔️ The four mistakes that 90% of concussion survivors make as to why they aren't moving forward. 

✔️ The two most important tools that have allowed 500 of my clients to reduce their symptoms within a few months.

✔️ Exact practical and mental steps you can take to finally reduce your symptoms. 

✔️ How you can achieve much more with a simple strategy than doing 1,000 things at once.

✔️ How to ensure that, despite fears of a setback and uncertainties (because so far nothing has worked), you still take action and achieve results.


✔️  How to ensure you're not focused on recovery 24/7 (which makes you feel overwhelmed) but with just 30 minutes a day, you can make significant progress and start enjoying other things again.

✔️ The science behind the two tools so you know why this is a game-changer for many concussion survivors.

Note: the masterclass is LIVE. Make sure you're there live so I can answer your questions and clearly hear what you can do right now to move forward.

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Make sure you're there...

By registering for my masterclass, you also agree to process your data in accordance with my privacy policy.

Are you worried about screen time?
You can listen to the masterclass as well. No need to watch the screen all the time. 

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About me

2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured_edited.jpg

Hi! I am Silvie, 32 years old and based in The Netherlands. 

In May 2017, I had a scooter accident, which caused me whiplash and concussion. That day, I went home after the accident, not knowing I’d just walked into a new life.

I struggled for years to find the right help and understand what was going on with me. The regular doctors I visited couldn't address my symptoms, so I wasn't getting any help from them. I felt misunderstood and lonely during my journey.

After years of struggle, I am back to feeling my old self again.

In all those years I was Googling to find experts who could help me. I was missing the correct knowledge to move forward and support from like-minded people.

I realized so many others on this journey are struggling with the same thing. And I don't want that to happen! 

So I created a community and a 3-month program where....


I could bring together all the resources, correct knowledge from 84 experts, and a community to help people suffering from post-concussion symptoms reduce their symptoms fasterJust to make recovery more affordable and accessible for everyone.


Let's move forward together instead of trying to figure out everything by yourself. 

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By registering for my masterclass, you also agree to process your data in accordance with my privacy policy.

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