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It's time to heal your concussion

What do I offer?

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Free - Instagram,
Podcast & Blog

With over 17K followers on Instagram, over 14K podcast downloads, and lots of blog readers, you aren't alone in this. 

I am visible multiple times a week on Instagram, and I record podcasts and write blogs on a regular basis.


I share more tips, hope, and stories on these 3 channels. 

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Join The Concussion Commmunity

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In this private community, we help people with a concussion reduce their symptoms and get their life back via classes, courses, and a supportive community. 


Join The Community together with 84 concussion experts and many other concussion survivors who are on the same path as you are. 

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2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured.byShelly-287-min (1)

3-Month Concussion Boost Program

For concussion survivors who want to drastically reduce their symptoms within 3 months. 

Start interval training and cognitive exercises tailored for people with a concussion to effectively reduce symptoms within weeks/months. 

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