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It's okay to disappear until you feel like you again

My world was on pause but the rest of the world hadn't changed and went on like it always did.⁠

Everything I did before the "accident" just didn't feel natural anymore. ⁠

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I didn't know how to cope with the situation, so I had to take a step back and take a look at what's going on.⁠

I had to press the "pause“ button but I tried to press the “play” button many times. ⁠

Bad days were a constant in my life, nothing was the same anymore. ⁠

All the things that I used to do had changed because I didn’t know how to react to those “new” situations. ⁠

Taking a step back from everything was THE thing I needed. ⁠

I realized the following things:⁠

👉🏼 I became so much more aware of what I did with my time⁠.

👉🏼 What would make me happy, what gave me energy and what only costs energy. ⁠

👉🏼 I cut out all the friendships that didn’t mean a lot to me. I realized I had many social obligations I didn’t even enjoy. ⁠

👉🏼 I cut out things that I was just doing but were not making me really happy from the inside. ⁠

👉🏼 Before my accident, I also had this fear of missing out on cool things. Now, I learned to say no to situations and it really feels like I got some control back over my life. ⁠

When you disappear and focus on YOU, don't see this as a bad thing. ⁠⁠

It will teach you so much about yourself to create a life that serves you even better than before. 💛⁠

The Concussion Community

Looking for concussion support? At The Concussion Community, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for people navigating the challenges of concussions. 

Our platform offers a wealth of resources, expert guidance, and support to help you on your recovery journey. 

From sharing personal stories to accessing the latest research and treatment options.

Join the community and unlock: 

🎓 160+ On-demand classes by 84 concussion experts, giving you the knowledge to reduce symptoms and take control of your recovery. 💡 12 (mini) courses valued at $1,800, empowering you to regain your quality of life. 💬 24/7 support in our private community, ensuring you're never alone in your recovery. Your concussion helpline. 🎉 Engage with experts and members in our Class of the Week channel. 📚 Resource Library: tools and resources for managing symptoms at home. ❓ Forum Discussions: ask questions, find answers, and connect with others who understand.🔊 Enjoy our curated audio/video library and Spotify playlist for inspiration. 🌍 Discover specialists in your region who understand your needs. 🆕 Exclusive weekly content to support your journey.​ 🤝 Experience accountability, friendship, and unwavering support. You're not alone!

The doors aren't always open, they spontaneously open. This will occur only one or a few times a year, enabling me to provide the best possible service to my current members.

Click on the button below for more information or to join (the waitlist):


7 things that have helped me:


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