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Post Concussion Syndrome Treatments - What did I try after my first 2 years? (part 2)

Updated: Jan 10

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In my previous post, you could have read what post concussion syndrome treatments I tried during my first two years in my concussion journey. In this post, you can read what treatments I tried after those two years.

Post concussion syndrome treatments

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My post concussion syndrome treatments after two years

1. Two years after my accident - Cognitive FX in Utah Again, I started Googling my symptoms on the internet and came in contact with someone who was struggling with similar ones like mine. She sent me an article from a woman who described her story and wrote about Cognitive FX in Utah. I recognized everything in her story. I don’t know what it was, but I just felt I needed to go there. To read more about how I experienced this post concussion syndrome treatments, I wrote a post about it: 2. Two years and two months after my accident - Neuro Optometrist Vision Therapy (8 months) It’s so weird, all the time, my eyes were not working well, but I just blamed my concussion/head; I never thought my eyes had something to do with it. Well, I was wrong. In Utah, they referred me to a Dutch neuro optometrist (Hans de Bruijn in Haarlem), and I started vision therapy and light therapy with them. This whole process took around 8 months. I slightly noticed some changes, I could focus better, and screens were a bit better to handle. I noticed improvements month after month until I was finished with the vision therapy. 3. Three years after my accident - Neuro Optometrist - Prism Glasses After I finished the vision therapy, I felt a bit disappointed. Yes, I did feel improvements, but my eyes weren’t working normally either. My optometrist measured everything again and told me I had a fixation disparity. Yoked Prism glasses would help with this problem. I was excited to start something new. After receiving my glasses, I felt nauseous almost all the time, BUT I noticed huge improvements when it came to being overwhelmed. All sounds and lights were not bothering me as much as they used to. I never knew the issue with my eyes was related to my irritability of sounds. It seems like everything is connected. I wore those glasses for three months until I felt they did what they needed to do. My optometrist did everything he could, and I felt that was true. I was grateful for all he did. 4. Three years and three months after my accident - Psychologist (8 sessions) As you can imagine, this is all quite a journey. I felt grateful for all the improvements, but on the other hand, I was still not fully healed. I was always scared of setbacks and still had to deal with them often. Also, my limits constantly changed, so it felt like I needed to figure out what my limits were all the time; I couldn’t rely on them. It felt good for me to talk to a psychologist who specialized in TBIs. She gave me tools that helped me a lot! 5. 3.5 Years after my accident - Naturopathic doctor Before my accident, I never had anything to do with alternative therapy, but now I believe more in that than in the regular healthcare system. I always had a naturopathic doctor in mind, so I decided to go to him. He did all kinds of measures and gave me herb medicine to take at home for the coming months. I don’t know how to explain, but it felt like my body was more in balance after this treatment.

6. Now - Planning to go to The Mind Eye Institute in Chicago My eyes are still the biggest problem for me at this time. Within my community, my members mentioned this name so many times that I decided to contact them. Again, I felt the same feeling I had before I went to Cognitive FX. It feels like the treatment at the Mind-Eye Institute is exactly what I need at this time. I am also very glad that Dr. Deborah Zelinsky is hosting a class for my community. I think she is great! Right now, I am waiting until the US borders to Europe will reopen. I promise I will keep you up to date!

Listen to your gut feeling

I tried many things, but there were just a few that really helped me. I also want to mention that we are all different. So maybe some of the post concussion syndrome treatments didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it will do the same for you and the other way around. The best thing you can do is follow your gut feeling because that feeling is always right!

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post concussion syndrome treatments

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