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My doctor said:“It has been more than 2 years, you can’t recover anymore”- How to treat a concussion

Recently, someone in the community made a comment about her doctor, who told her she can’t recover anymore because her concussion happened more than two years ago.

This reminds me of what my doctor told me while I was around that two-year mark. It makes me sad that doctors tell people they can’t improve anymore. There is no fixed timeline when it comes to healing or a plan about how to treat a concussion. In my experience, Cognitive Exercises for Post-Concussion Syndrome helped a lot (neuroplasticity) but there are so many different things to try, so don't give up!

A two–year mark is bullsh*t!! You can improve!

Cognitive Exercises for Post-Concussion Syndrome

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Most doctors don’t know how to treat a concussion

As long as doctor’s don’t know everything about the brain, as research is still going on, I choose to believe that we can all heal from our concussion. And it’s not only choosing hope, I saw this happen with my own eyes.

I went to Cognitive FX, a concussion clinic in Utah (read my review here), and I met people who improved even after 10 or 30 years. At that clinic, we learned everything about interval training and cognitive exercises for post-concussion syndrome.

It’s not a matter of time, I believe it’s about finding the right treatment and doing the right things to reduce your symptoms and/or make things easier.

I improved the most AFTER my first two years, although doctors told me it was placebo

My accident happened in May 2017 and in June 2019, I went to that concussion clinic.

If those doctors are right about that two-year mark, how is it possible that I improved by 50% AFTER two years during that week at that clinic.

When I showed them my results (which were visible on a scan!), they told me it was a placebo. They just couldn’t clarify how this was possible, so this was the easiest way for them I guess.

It wasn’t a placebo, I am sure about that as I tried so many different treatments (same as hundreds of other people), and I refuse to believe that all our results are placebos.

How to treat a concussion starting at home: interval training & cognitive exercises for post-concussion syndrome

I just wrote that I improved by 50% during my week at Cognitive FX. I learned everything about how to do interval training in the most beneficial way for a concussion and everything about specific cognitive exercises for post-concussion syndrome.

They told us that some roads in our brain are damaged, but we can repair them with an approach known as neuroplasticity. To make interval training and cognitive training more accessible, I created two courses especially for people with a concussion so they can start doing this from home.

Click here to read more about interval training & cognitive training for post-concussion syndrome. So far, around 500+ people have started, and 70% report a positive change in symptoms. I hope it will help you, too!

It’s not only me who improved after that two-year mark, many others have, too

During my recovery, I met many other people who sustained a concussion, and we shared our experiences. Some of them had just sustained a concussion, others already years ago. And all of them were telling me they are still improving.

Where did I meet those people who improved as well?
  • At that concussion clinic

  • Members who joined The Concussion Community

  • People who purchased one (or both) of my courses

  • People I met via support groups

Many of them had been dealing with the same concussion symptoms for years, and they improved, some after three years, others after seven years and even people after 30 years!

What two-year mark!

There is no timeline when it comes to healing from a concussion. We are all different, and we don’t know everything about how to treat a concussion yet.

For me, it’s now been six years since I sustained a concussion, and every year I am still improving.

Don’t believe it when someone tells you can’t improve. There is so much out there, and the body and brain are capable of so many things.

Never give up, we can improve.

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