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Looking back, lessons learned: Advice for Those Recently Concussed.

A few weeks ago, I posed this question to The Concussion Community: 

'Looking back, what advice would you give to someone who has recently sustained a concussion?'  D

Since I found the responses valuable, I've gathered the 5 most liked comments and would like to share them with you here.

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Comment 1:

Start excercising / moving the body , excercise is medicine

Trust your intuition and gut, if you feel something is wrong, you are right.

You know best what is good for you, listen to your body

Don’t do too many therapies / treatments at the same time, then you don’t know what works.

Seek out experienced specialists who have a proven record of treating patients with a concussion.

Only go to a practicioner where you feel safe, seen and heard , someone who honours your boundaries and your body‘s healing time.

Let go of things people ideas what is not supporting you.

Look closely how people treat you and show up for you when you are at your lowest, this tells you a lot about them.

Comment 2:

Move your body- you need blood flowing to the brain.

Take naps when needed and meditate.

Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and limit sugar.

Know that you might recover at a different speed than others- I’ve seen a ton of people recover quickly and here I am still recovering. Know that this process is OK.

See your doctors and believe you will get better ❤️‍🩹

Comment 3:

Self-care is important, but community care will heal you.

Practice radical acceptance and manage expectations.

Your nervous system is firing rapidly and your mind and body won’t be able to keep up - lean into rest.

Building off my last point - rest can come in many forms. naps and joyful movement can both be equally as restful.

Your life is a business and the concussion professionals in your support team are prospective associates. interview, hire, and fire accordingly.

Trust yourself. life is going to change rapidly and imposter syndrome will have you in a chokehold, but you know you best!

Take it one, messy, baby step at a time.

Regressions are part of the process. take a deep breath.

Take deep breaths. often.

You got this🫶🏻

Comment 4

There’s a book that was given to me by my brain injury counselor, and I highly recommend it:

'To Root and To Rise'

It was written by a brain injury survivor, as a workbook with short reads. It is full of insight, and to me really validated everything I was experiencing and gave me the opportunity to journal about it.

Comment 5:

It can be a lonely time its ok to be scared its ok to be frightened we have all had our moments too, and everyone will be an size DOES NOT fix all there are many factors, but you can and will recover.

Move, rest yes but keep moving walk around the table next week go around twice.

Set achievable goals but remember to revisit you may be able to increase but sometimes you need to decrease.

Find someone to trust, and talk to them tell them your ears were on a very large German Shephard, talk in a group like this, no one will judge you no one will laugh we walked that lonely valley too, many of us on our own. If you can't read listen to podcasts knowledge is power.

I hope you find these insights helpful. Remember, you're not alone and you don't have to navigate this journey all by yourself.

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