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I purchased Loop Earplugs to reduce anxiety and overwhelm - My Review

Updated: Jan 10

My boyfriend recently sent me a link to the Loop Earplugs website. Because I have a concussion and, therefore, suffer from noise sensitivity anxiety and overwhelm, he thinks this would help me a lot. Honestly, my first reaction? Hmm, there you have something that "should" help again. Because most of the time, it doesn't help at all when I try new things.

Still, I clicked through to the website and when I read all the thousands of reviews and why these earplugs are different than other ones I tried, I got curious. So I purchased the Loop Experience and the Loop Engage earplugs and decided to write an honest review about those two Loop Earplugs.

Loop Earplugs

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Table of contents

What are Loop Earplugs?

I already had some normal earplugs that I always sleep with. I don't wear these normal earplugs during the day because they completely cut me off, and I really feel like I'm in my bubble. This is not useful when you are somewhere or still want to have conversations.

The Loop Earplugs (Engage and Experience ones) are different. They claim to reduce the background noise, protect your ears, filter out hard sounds and just take the edge off without feeling completely disconnected from the world.

They even claim to reduce anxiety, which is just something I deal with as well. They got my attention! But they can be used for different reasons:

Loop Experience Earplugs

Sounds perfect, right?

What different types do Loop Earplugs offer?

At this moment of writing, they offer three different kind of Loop Earplugs:

  • Loop Quiet Earplugs - Price €19.95

  • Loop Experience Earplugs - Price €29.95

  • Loop Engage Earplugs - Price €29.95

What is the plus version?

For the Experience and the Engage, you have the option to choose a Plus version. This means you get a Loop Mute Accessory to add extra 5dB of noise reduction. I purchased only one plus version as you can use them for both (Experience and Engage). The Plus version is €39.95.

Loop Engage Earplugs

>> Go to the website of Loop Earplugs to discover the different types and colors.

What is the difference between Loop Quiet, Experience and Engage earplugs?

Loop Quiet Earplugs: 26dB of noise reduction. Perfect for sleep or to focus during the day. These earplugs filter out almost everything.

Loop Experience Earplugs: This is the one I purchased. These reduce the noise up to 18dB. So they are perfect for people who go to concerts or any other music festivals. It keeps your ears safe, but you can still enjoy the music. Because I always get overstimulated when shopping, I also wear them in the supermarket. I don't need to follow a conversation completely, so these are perfect. It’s like the volume is turned down.

The Loop Engage Earplugs: This is the other one I purchased. These reduce the noise up to 16dB. These ones are perfect when you go to a busy restaurant and still want to have conversations. I feel overwhelmed very easily, so I use them when more people are visiting me at home as well. Because I deal with anxiety, too, these are a real solution. After visiting a restaurant, I feel less restless, I have less fatigue and no more headaches. Conversations are also easy to follow, even better than without the earplugs!

My experience with the Loop Experience Plus Earplugs - Review

As I am dealing with post-concussion syndrome (long-term concussion symptoms), I feel overwhelmed very easily, deal with anxiety and noise sensitivity. Normally, when I go outside the house for a walk or to the grocery store, I wear my noise cancelling headphones. But what I don’t like about that is you’re totally isolated from the outside world.

I purchased the rose gold Loop Experience Plus earplugs and use them in the following situations:

  • In the supermarket

  • In a busy city (I live in Antwerp)

  • When I go for a walk (lots traffic, people)

  • When I need to focus for work

  • Public transport

Loop Earplugs Review

When I wear the Loop Experience Earplugs, it really feels like the volume is turned down. I can still hear everything (which I prefer when I am in traffic for safety or when someone talks to me), but it’s just not that loud. I feel less overwhelmed and less anxious in a busy place. Someone started talking to me in the supermarket, and I wasn’t totally zoomed out, so I could respond to her question, which was perfect!

Now I can walk in the busy center of Antwerp without thinking about how to survive or counting down the minutes. Noise is no longer overwhelming. I can even attend busy shopping malls!

I can use public transport without feeling overwhelmed. Especially when I travel with someone else, I don’t feel comfortable wearing my noise-cancelling headphones as they isolate me completely. These Loop Expierence Earplugs are perfect, and I can switch to my Loop Engage Earplugs if they filter out too much.

I also use them while I am working to help me focus. I am not distracted anymore, and if my boyfriend asks me if I want to have tea I can still hear him, that’s a good thing, right ;).

I also purchased the plus version, which means you can add another 5dB of noise reduction. For me, this works perfectly when I am in really loud places: music, bars, etc.

Watch the Loop Experience video:

My experience with the Loop Engage Plus Earplugs - Review

As much as I love the Experience earplugs, they aren’t perfect for when you still want to have a normal conversation. But these Engage Earplugs are perfect when you go out for dinner. I purchased the clear ones as I thought they aren’t that visible when I wear them in restaurants:

Loop Experience Review

I can have normal conversations, and it even feels like it filters out the background noise and zooms in on the conversation.

I am not distracted anymore, and my focus is so much better. I feel less overwhelmed and not fatigued anymore after a restaurant visit.

I also use them when more than one person visits my home. It’s so much easier to follow and participate in conversations.

The Plus version I purchased with the Experience one can also be used for the Loop Engage earplugs. I use them when I am in a busy restaurant with loud music.

Watch the Loop Engage video:

Is there anything I don’t like about the earplugs?

Yes, there are two things that I really needed to get used to: you can hear yourself speaking (only with the Experience ones), and you can hear yourself eat. So, sometimes, when I am in a restaurant, I take them off when I get my meal and put them in my ears again as soon as I finish.

What do you get when you purchase them?
  1. 1 set of Loop Engage earplugs (Quiet, Engage or Experience)

  2. 2 sets of silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L) so there is always one that fits you.

  3. Keychain Carry Case

  4. If you choose the plus version, you get 2 sets of Loop Mute for an extra 5dB noise reduction and 3 sets of foam eartips (S/M/L)

Everything comes in a simple cute box that fits your mailbox.

Loop Engage review

For me, the Loop Earplugs are the most comfortable earplugs I have tried since I sustained a concussion almost 7 years ago and dealing with post-concussion syndrome ever since.

These earplugs make it possible for me to:

  • Shop again (even in a busy mall).

  • Focus on my work without getting distracted.

  • Go to restaurants and still follow a conversation. They turn down the volume and filter out background noise. No more anxiety and less overwhelm in busy places.

  • Do my groceries without getting overwhelmed.

  • Go for quiet walks in Antwerp (while the area isn’t quiet).

  • Use public transport without getting overwhelmed.

I am really happy with the Experience and the Engage Earplugs and can recommend them to everyone who is dealing with ADHD, concussion symptoms, noise sensitivity, anxiety or overwhelm. (Maybe I will try the quiet ones as well).

They have over two million customers, and there are thousands of reviews on their website so I am not the only one who is a fan.

Loop Earplugs Review

I am running The Concussion Community (a community for people dealing with a concussion) and recommend them to my members, and they are happy with them as well:

Loop Earplugs

I’m so happy that a small thing like Loop Earplugs can make our lives much easier. Definitely a life saver!

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Loop Earplugs

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