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What people learned in their concussion recovery process + my 3 biggest lessons

Updated: Jan 10

Do you prefer to listen to this? In podcast episode 67, I talk about the 3 biggest lessons I learned in my concussion recovery + what other people learned.

A concussion recovery process is more than just a physical process; it's a journey of self-discovery. In a recent community discussion, I asked a question: What's the most crucial lesson learned during the recovery?

The responses highlighted a recurring theme—finding joy in the present, learning to say no, and embracing a slower pace of life. Scroll down to read them.

concussion recovery process

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Life Before the Accident

Pre-concussion life was stable, with no significant highs or lows. Admitting to a tendency to rush through life, always focused on what comes next. Realization that this constant rush hindered the ability to fully experience and enjoy the present.

Lesson 1: Embracing a Slower Pace

The most significant lesson was the need to slow down and savor the present. Finding joy and gratitude in the "ups" and navigating challenges during the "downs." Understanding that profound joy is discovered in the present, not in constantly thinking about the future.

Lesson 2: Saying No and Prioritizing Self

Recognizing the importance of saying no to others and saying yes to personal well-being. Acknowledging that putting oneself first is crucial for moving forward. Learning to set boundaries and prioritize self over external expectations.

Lesson 3: Embracing Growth and Vulnerability

Embracing vulnerability and asking for help as essential elements of the healing journey. The ongoing challenge of accepting oneself in the present moment. Letting go of fear and embarking on a spiritual journey of growth.

What other people learned in their concussion recovery process

The Concussion Community members share insights about acceptance, living in the moment, and trusting intuition. Testimonials highlight the power of learning to decline social events, prioritizing personal growth, and saying "thanks, but no thanks."

Let me share some of their comments: ***

1) Acceptance of what is

2) living in the here& now

3) listening to my intuition / gut/ trusting my gut. ***


Not rushing through life anymore. Hated it at first, love it right now ❤️

Listening to my body and care about what I need and not what I think other people need from me 💪🏼 ***


Acceptance for sure! Really "getting it" which took me a while 😏 Now, I find it much easier to say "thanks but no thanks" to social events. Im putting myself first now! 

Also, the class with Jana Kapp made a huge difference for me, when she talked about keeping myself in the safe zone and not going back and forth between the danger zone and safe zone. 🙏💪 *** ***

Being more aware of my body and the flags, I am more connected to myself as a whole. I pause more.

I know more about the brain than I ever wanted to!

Prioritizing what really matters - led to overhauling my life.

- 0 regrets.

Vulnerability- very hard for me to be vulnerable or ask for help.

I had to do both.

That led to deep work on my CPTSD - resulting in freedom. 💥

It’s ok to be LESS perfect than I already was. Accepting myself for who I am in this moment is a challenge - I am WIP.

Letting go of fear. Being in the now.

I am on a spiritual journey of growth.

I have grown more as a human.

*** *** I can't say there is one main thing but many things:

- Acceptance

- Boundaries

- Slowing down

- Saying no

- Letting go of things that aren't serving my health

- Put my needs first

- On one side my world became smaller (less social things) but on the other side it expanded (more personal development)   *** *** Saying yes to myself and no to others 💪🏼

*** *** 1. Asking for help

2. Changing “all or nothing” thinking

3. Listening to my body and being more mindful what I’m putting into it

4. Advocating for myself in the healthcare system and learning to look for second opinions/other therapies *** *** That incorporating the following into your life can heal the body and/or enrich your life: listening to your body, conscious breathing and breathwork, meditation and stopping work/doing to enjoy/appreciate simple things, like watching bees in a garden. 

*** *** Living in the moment, actually. Things can change so quickly and I realised that you have to enjoy every second you can get. Also enjoying time with family and friends 🤍 Standing up for your illness and explaining it to others in order to raise some awareness…


The Power of Connection:

Community emerges as a powerful source of support during recovery. Feeling less isolated and more connected to others with shared experiences. Recognizing the transformative impact of shared stories, tips, and the understanding that everyone is on a unique but interconnected healing journey.

Concussion recovery is not just about overcoming challenges; it's an opportunity for profound personal growth. Lessons in slowing down, saying no, and finding joy in the present emerge as universal truths.

By embracing these lessons and connecting with others, individuals on the path to recovery can find strength, resilience, and a sense of shared humanity.

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concussion recovery

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