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2 inspirational comments from 2 members of The Concussion Community- Concussion support

Updated: Jan 10

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Last month, two members shared something in The Concussion Community that really inspired me (and other members).

Because it was very helpful, I would like to share it in this concussion blog with you as some kind of concussion support.

Concussion support

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Judith: "It was not 'your' accident!"

Herewith I would like to share an observation… I will do my best to bring this message with love. I’m a work/life balance coach with 5 (m)TBI’s. I have a Bachelors degree in Communication, years of training in NLP, psychology and many coaching techniques. I’m a well respected and certified coach in my country and helped many, many people in the 20 years of my practice. Coming back on what I would like to address here, with love, is this. I hear and read people with (m)TBI, not only here but on many other platforms as well, talk and write about ‘their’ accident. "Dear people, it was not ‘your’ accident!" Accidents happen and that’s why we call it an accident! Your accident had absolutely nothing to do with you! Every time you refer to the accident as ‘your’ accident you will deepen the neural pathways in your brain bringing the message that this accident had something to do with you. The result is that you will dive deeper in your identification with this accident. This is not helpful, in my opinion, with recovery. It is my belief that if we distance ourselves a bit more in our language from an accident, for example, you could say ‘an’ accident or, I fell of a bike, i fell of a horse… We create a distance in our heads between ourselves and the accident which will help you to lessen your identification with the accident which will definitely support your healing! I hope this message arrives well with you, it is certainly meant to help you with some insight.

Carolyn: "I see our recovery as a kind of wintertime"

"Although I've meditated and had a yoga practice for ten years, and also have some training in medical herbalism, the experience of being utterly incapacitated after my concussion gave me the opportunity to have a deeper spiritual experience - opening my mind to things I'd not really considered before, or even (I'm ashamed to say) laughed at a little.

For me, this was mostly deepening my connection with nature - with plants and trees and animals.

Being quiet and present with them, finding healing in their company, recognizing we are all connected, and that connection is loving.

In a time when I felt lost and in pain, I felt loved and held by these other beings with whom we share the planet.

Although it is good to be inspired by other cultures, we don't always have to look elsewhere to find this peaceful spirituality.

If we look to our forebears and their traditions, especially those that celebrate nature's cycles and the nature festivals like midsummer, the winter solstice, harvest festival, May day, or St Brigid's day (think Christmas and Halloween and Easter as examples, but these also have ancient roots in every culture).

There are celebrations every six weeks, with some lovely rituals of gratitude and thanks - and these remind us that life is cyclical, things come and go, wax and wane.

Our growth isn't linear. There is a season for being lively and outward, and season for being inward, reflective and restful, just as there are seasons for growth and for harvest.

I see our recovery as a kind of wintertime, or a period of the 'new moon' (the dark moon).

A time to be quiet and still and rest, to be reflective and warm and to nurture ourselves, to restore and gather our energy, ready for when we will once again send our green shoots into the sky and dance. "

Love to read these inspiring comments within The Concussion Community for extra concussion support

Sometimes, you can only see things from another perspective when someone else shows you theirs.

I hope it inspired you as well!

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concussion support

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