Pushing myself can go 2 ways: getting more confidence or getting a setback

It always feels like everything I do, is taking a risk and choosing between getting a setback or being able to enjoy the moment and noticing (celebrating!) that I've made progress. It's like I always have to make this choice and this isn’t always easy.

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Is it worth a setback?

Before deciding if I am taking the risk of getting a setback, I always ask myself if the activity is worth a setback? I know you can’t ask this question in all situations because sometimes you just have an appointment that you have to go to.

However, when it comes to social appointments, I always ask myself this question. Just thinking about this question makes me more aware of if I really like the appointment I made and if it’s worth my energy. When it’s worth a setback (this means I LOVE the activity), I always go and even if I am anxious, I push myself.

Most of the time I am getting more confidence

Pushing myself helps me to get more confidence about what I am able to handle. Sometimes I just think that I am not able to handle an activity while in reality, I am able to handle it and also enjoy it.

Every time I experienced this; I was always so happy that I took the risk of getting a setback. We don’t know if we will get a setback, right? So why not choose the risk for the sake of happiness? These moments made me decide that I will push myself again next time because I don’t want to live my life with regrets.

But what if I get that setback?

Pushing myself can also result in getting a setback. Setbacks are the worst and every time they happen, it’s even disappointing as in the beginning. Maybe because I hope I don’t get them anymore after 5 years. But also, because when you feel good it feels like you’re never getting a setback again. I think the disappointment will never fade away.

My setbacks in the first 2 years

The difference I notice is when I get a setback right now compared to when I had a setback, in the beginning, is that they won’t last that long anymore and they are less “intense”.

When I had a setback in my first 2 years, I felt completely off and couldn’t do anything.

Sometimes I had to lay down in the dark for a full day. The setbacks could also last for weeks. Believe me, when the last few weeks you’ve been losing hope in everything, I was in that negative spiral very often because I experienced more bad days than good days.

My setbacks right now (after almost 5 years)

When I have a setback right now (almost 5 years after my accident), they mostly take a few days and I am still able to handle all my daily tasks like cooking, doing groceries, going for a walk and so on. I don’t have to lay down for a whole day in bed.

I just notice that I am out of energy, that I am not in a good mood, that screentime is a bit harder to handle and that I am feeling more emotional. Not fun at all but I try not to fight against my setbacks anymore as I used to in the beginning. This already saves me a lot of energy.

Life is unpredictable - why I love that

Sometimes I even love it that life’s is unpredictable. Did you say love? Yes, I did! How boring would it be when we already know what will happen for the rest of our life? The unpredictability gives me more perspective. It sounds maybe cliche but it helps me to live in the moment.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so that’s why I mostly choose the risk of enjoying a moment instead of staying at home and feel fed up about the way that I can’t go to “maybe” save me from a setback that might never happen.

When you’re feeling “okay” try to enjoy life to the fullest because we all know that 1 second can change your whole life, right? We don’t know what the future will bring.

To which side are you leaning to when you’re pushing yourself a bit: 1. Getting more confidence 2. Getting a setback

I am curious about your answer and would love it if you share it with me on Instagram or below in the comments.

During my concussion journey, I felt so lost and lonely.

I was feeling restless all the time. Doctors weren’t able to help me so I was feeling stuck. 🤦🏽‍♀️

My setbacks were the worst things ever and I didn’t know how to deal with them or prevent them. My days felt more like surviving than enjoying and I was always looking for a balance between rest and doing things.

Thankfully, I'm feeling much better now with the help of professionals who GET it and because of all tips and support from others in the same situation.


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