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Losing hope - Changing THIS, gave me the ability to control my concussion mood swings

Updated: Jan 10

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First of all, I get it, I have been there. I lost hope in my recovery during my first 2 years and I felt so emotional all the time after my concussion. I had these concussion mood swings all the time and it was making me crazy. There is nothing worse than losing hope in your recovery. But not getting the help from doctors/therapists can result in you being in that negative spiral and not knowing how to get out of it.

concussion mood swings

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Table of Contents

Why did I lose hope? - Emotional after concussion

As I just said, I lost hope during my first two years. I sustained my accident in May 2017 and during the first year, my doctor told me I just needed to rest. So that’s why I did, I did rest for almost a year. At the end of my first year, I realized that that wasn’t going to help me.

During my first 2 years I tried many therapies but almost none of them did work. After trying so many therapies and getting disappointed all the time, I lost hope in my recovery.

I didn’t feel any better and there was no one who could help me to get better. So, if doctors didn’t know what to do, how was I supposed to fix my concussion?

How did I get my hope back? Control my concussion mood swings

After being stuck for such a long time I knew something needed to change. I felt so emotional after my concussion ALL THE TIME. I didn’t want to feel like this all the time. I didn’t want to get disappointed over and over again. It felt like the (Western) healthcare wasn’t able to help me.

That’s why I opened up more to alternative therapies, changing my mindset and spirituality. It was like a new world had opened up to me. A new world full of possibilities instead of disappointments and being stuck.

I started to read/listen to spiritual books, started meditation and yoga and listening to podcasts. I learned more about the mind-body connection and I never even thought about the importance of that one being in balance.

The last few years I only focused on everything with my mind, only treatments that are researched and all other things were nonsense in my opinion. I don’t know why I thought like that because in the end, the alternative and spiritual world made the difference.

Meditation? This is not peaceful at all! Or is it?

I remember the first time I tried to meditate. My thoughts were all over the place, I thought, how can this be relaxing?!

But I didn’t want to give up because many people said that it’s normal in the beginning. I wanted to do everything to get better so I decided not to give up too soon and tried it at least for one month.

So, every morning I dragged myself to my meditation pillow and sat there for 15 minutes. The first week was the hardest but after a week I started to like it. I felt more peaceful by starting my day like that.

I can’t live without meditation anymore - Less emotional after concussion

After doing meditation every morning for a month, I noticed I missed it when I didn’t take the time to meditate. It made me feel less restless, more relaxed and I felt more balanced. It felt like I got the control back over my body. Something that I had not had for years.

If you never tried mediation, don’t think it’s only for monks or spiritual people. At least try it for 30 days and notice the difference yourself. I bet you will love it!

It feels like there is more between heaven and earth

When you dive more into spirituality it may happen that a whole new world opens up to you. At least this happened to me and my concussion mood swings were so much easier to handle. I read stories from people who had near-death experiences and it made my vision of the world we live in different.

One book that changed my way of thinking was the book by Anita Moorjani - Dying to be me. It’s a story about her getting cancer and she was almost dying until she was in “heaven” and had the choice to stay there or to go back.

She decided to go back and all cancer disappeared. I know you might be skeptical but she isn’t the only one writing about her near death experience. I am very open minded and I believe they are all true.

Because of struggles, you are able to feel joy in your life.

Not everything in life is fun. I believe you need struggles in order to feel joy in life as well. What is your life is all joy, you won’t notice it anymore, it won’t feel special because it’s normal for you.

During my concussion recovery, I realized my life was “steady” before my accident. I was doing okay; everything went well and that’s it. I wasn’t feeling sad but not as happy as I am able to feel right now during some moments.

All the struggles in my concussion journey gave me more perspective in life. When I am able to do a fun activity, I really enjoy it because I don’t take it for granted anymore. And all the activities I choose, I choose them because I really like them.

I won’t spend my energy anymore on things I don’t like and people I don’t get energy from. I am so much more aware of my energy right now and that’s why I make better choices in what I want in life and who I want to spend time with.

Did you ever dive into spirituality?

If you didn’t, it can feel like this isn’t for you. That’s why I thought for such a long time. Do you feel emotional after your concussion? Do you feel hopeless sometimes? When you dive into spirituality / or other alternative therapies, you will see a lot of new possibilities that could help in your recovery. There is so much more than only the Western Medicine and for me it sometimes feels the answer isn’t in the Western world.

I gave myself so much more hope to learn about:
  • New alternative therapies

  • Focus on breathwork (did you know almost everyone in the western world is not breathing correctly!?).

  • To focus on the fact you can control your body with your mind

  • How to control my concussion mood swings

  • How to feel less emotional after my concussion

  • Changing your mindset into a positive mindset is changing a lot for your recovery

  • Trying to learn from every struggle in your life and trusting that it’s happening to guide you to the correct path (even if you don’t feel like that right now).

  • To feel more gratitude and joy because your struggles gave you perspective

I am sure I forget some things but I just hope it gives you some inspiration to look your concussion from another perspective. From the perspective you can learn from, what the positive effects are, because they are there and if you don’t see them yet, they will come your way.

Thinking and looking in another way to your concussion can save you so much stress, if you are to handle your concussion mood swings and I bet you will feel so much more peaceful. It changed everything for me and I hope it will do the same for you.

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concussion mood swings

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