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I went to Italy and got Covid. How did this affect my post-concussion Syndrome?

Updated: Jan 10

As most of you know, I went to Italy for vacation, but after a few days, I got Covid. Covid and post concussion syndrome symptoms are similar, and in this blog, I will write about my experience, the symptoms I experienced and how I feel after two weeks.

anxiety after concussion

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Table of contents

Our vacation didn’t go as planned

We started in Florence, and after three days, we drove from Florence to the south of Italy to the coast. I didn’t feel great on day three, but at first, I thought it was just the overwhelm of the city and the three-hour car ride (my head and a car isn’t the best combination).

At the new accommodation, we decided to relax the day in our vacation home, which was located at a rural place with a fantastic view. I thought a day of rest would help me feel better the next day. But I didn’t feel any better, I felt worse and woke up with a fever and sore throat.

My boyfriend didn’t have anything, so I started doubting myself. Are these my concussion symptoms, and are they getting worse because of all the impressions?

I know my body…

But I know my body, and I know what symptoms are from my concussion and which are something else. I never had a fever because of my concussion; well, I did have a feeling that I had fever, but when I took my temperature, I didn’t have an actual fever. But this time, I took my temperature, and I had an actual fever.

I stayed in bed, and during the evening, my boyfriend was not feeling well either. We decided to go to bed early and try to find some self-Covid tests to find out if we had Covid. The next day, we dragged ourselves to the pharmacy and did the test at home. Result: Covid.

Covid and post concussion syndrome symptoms are similar

I already wrote a blog about my experience at the concussion clinic in Utah: Cognitive FX: Read it here! I recently checked their website and see they are offering treatments for people who had Covid and still have symptoms. This confirms a lot of the symptoms are similar to concussion symptoms.

To find more information about Covid and long term symptoms similar to a concussion, check their website:

What Covid symptoms did I experience?

At the beginning of my concussion journey, I had extreme brainfrog almost every day. I think this was the worst symptom for me because it holds you back from so many things. I couldn’t think clearly, had cognitive problems and felt sooo tired.

When I got Covid, I experienced brain fog again. Anxiety after concussion is a thing that a lot of people experience. I experienced it again. It made me scared because this isn’t something I deal with that often anymore. So, I felt more anxious that my brain fog was back, and it took me such a long time to get rid of it during that time. I didn't want to experience it all over again.

After worrying for a day, I tried to think that it was all temporary and within a few days, it wouldn't be this worse anymore. I also had a fever, so I tried to believe that when my fever went away, my brain fog would reduce as well.

At this moment, my eyes are a big problem for me and having Covid made my eyes worse. I couldn’t watch screens for longer than 5 minutes, I wasn’t able to read, and I felt pressure behind my eyes again. All symptoms I had at the beginning right after my accident. Let’s say for the first two years…

Way worse than a “normal” flu

I felt so sick from Covid, sicker than I ever experienced from another flu. Let’s say flu, I know it’s maybe not just a flu, but I don’t know how to describe it in another way.

I wasn’t able to get out of bed for three full days, my muscles felt heavy, and it was like I had muscle pain all day, combined with the flu, a headache, more neck pain and painful and tired eyes.

I was scared again - anxiety after concussion

When you’re experiencing these symptoms, it almost feels like there is no way out; it feels like you will have those symptoms for the rest of your life. At least I felt like that. But deep inside, I knew that wasn't the case, but it’s not motivating to experience the same symptoms as in my first year (in 2017).

After a few days, my fever dropped, and I started to feel a bit better. But my brain fog didn't disappear, and I felt very tired. I had to take a nap again every day, same as at the beginning of my journey. Hello flashbacks!

I heard stories from people who are still dealing with symptoms after months

Some people I know (without a concussion) who got Covid still have symptoms months after they got it. One person still couldn’t go to work after months, one other person still had memory issues, another one was still tired and not at the same level before he got Covid.

I wished I didn’t know about these stories because they weren’t making me feel any better. They scare me because I know I am more sensitive to everything with my concussion symptoms, so also to Covid right?

Two weeks since I got Covid - How am I feeling?

While I am writing this blog, it's been two weeks ago since I did my self-Covid test and discovered I got Covid. I felt very sick while I was in the middle of it, sicker than a “normal” flu. I couldn’t get out of bed for almost three days.

But slowly I started to feel better, my brain fog (and other symptoms) disappeared, which resulted in not having that much anxiety anymore.

The only symptom I still have right now, apart from my “normal” concussion symptoms, is that I feel more tired than usual. I still need to take a nap after lunch. This is something I didn’t need to do anymore since I reached the two-year mark after my accident.

But I do believe I will get better and recover from Covid fully. I know everyone does experience Covid differently. In case you have a concussion/TBI and got Covid as well, I am curious about your experiences!

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