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I can see everything, but that’s not enough.

Updated: 3 hours ago

I didn’t know what was going on but my vision was often blurry and my surroundings were moving. Or weren’t they? When I tried to look better or focus, everything became clear for just a few seconds. My eyes would then start burning and I felt this pressure behind my eyes. During the first year of my concussion, I had no idea my eyes were affected as well. I always thought the blurry sight was just the brain fog in my head.

I took the advice from others to check my eyes but the outcome of all tests with an eye doctor were negative. They couldn’t find a thing and told me it’s just an overload and try to relax. I did know it wasn’t just an overload so accepting that wasn’t an option for me.

It’s hard to explain how it feels to those who don’t experience the same symptoms. Take a look at the pictures below and I am sure a lot of us will find some recognition.

Photos by: www.whatliesbeneathconcussion.com I went to a neuro optometrist in America (Dr. Duval) and he could address my problems. For the first time, I actually felt understood. It has everything to do with the cooperation from your brain and eyes. Some good news: with training and going to a specialized optometrist in The Netherlands (my country) you won’t have eye problems anymore after 3 months. WHAT? I almost didn’t believe it. 3 months?! This was a totally different thing than hearing you have to accept and live with it. But unfortunately, my instinct was right, 3 months was just too optimistic.

I did eye therapy for over a year and it had improved slightly. As they told me before it would only take 3 months, I felt disappointed, I totally lived to that moment when the three months were over. Though not feeling that much improvement by that time was hard. I changed my mindset and tried to appreciate each little progress towards recovery.

After almost a year, my optometrist wanted to try something new because he diagnosed me with a fixation disparity. I got the Yoked Prism glasses. In the beginning, it was hard to adjust but I was able to wear it long enough and after a month, I noticed a lot of improvements. Finally, after 3 months, the glasses did what they were supposed to do and I am not wearing it anymore since the last 3 months but still making improvements now. I don’t feel nauseous anymore and I am able to focus again. The pressure behind my eyes has also improved and I can handle screens so much better. And... I can just look out the window (I live on the 15th floor) and look as far as I can.

This was something I couldn’t do for years because I couldn't focus. Sometimes it’s just a few steps backwards and 1 step forward but overall when I look back to a year ago or even two years ago I am doing so much better now. Sometimes I just forget how far I have come along and how blessed I am to be where I am now.

I tried a lot of things and it took me a long time to find out what worked for me. It’s just so hard because all the brain injuries are different and what works for others doesn’t mean it will work for me as well. But it’s another proof and motivation that you should never stop looking because there are always therapies to try and new things to learn. With the right mindset, things will come to your path, I am sure about that!