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When wellness gives you stress it's not wellness anymore - Concussion Recovery

Updated: Feb 9

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In this blog, we discuss what I already mentioned in podcast 110: when wellness causes you stress, it's not wellness anymore. Why it's important to find balance and flexibility during this healing journey. You'll discover how I learned to let go of stressful rules and lead a happier life.

Concussion recovery concept with a person practicing yoga in nature.

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Chapter 1: Why Slowing Down in Concussion Recovery Matters

When I was recovering from a concussion, I used to plan every minute of my day. I thought this control was crucial, especially during a challenging time. It's important for people recovering from a concussion to let go of some stressful rules.

Chapter 2: A Turning Point

One day, as I was strictly following my daily schedule, I realized that my plan was causing me more stress than help. I had intended to take a yoga class as a refreshing break, but it became a stressful task. This taught me that overplanning can lead to more stress which works counterproductive.

Chapter 3: When Planning Becomes a Problem

As I looked back on my decisions, it became clear that my strict rules and routines were making me more stressed. Overplanning can backfire, and it's crucial to find a balance in your concussion recovery.

Chapter 4: Letting Go of Unnecessary Rules

I realized that the rules I set for myself weren't helping anymore. So, I started letting go of them one by one, slowly. As I did this, I felt more peaceful and understood myself better. It's so important to be kind to yourself during recovery.

Chapter 5: Rethinking My Rules

My list of rules was long, from getting out of bed immediately to drinking a green smoothie every morning. I saw how overwhelming they had become. Something needed to change!

Take a look at all the rules I made for myself:

  • I need to go to bed before 10 PM; otherwise, it will mess up my rhythm.

  • I need to jump out of bed immediately in the morning; this will give me more energy.

  • I need to open the curtains; daylight is good for me.

  • I need to get dressed immediately; otherwise, I will be slow the whole day.

  • I need to drink a full glass of water and take my supplements before I eat anything.

  • I need to eat one or two pieces of fruit afterwards.

  • I need to drink my green smoothie after I eat the fruit.

  • I need to exercise for at least 30 minutes or go for a walk.

  • I need to meditate after the exercise.

  • I need to do some cognitive tasks.

  • I need to eat my lunch around the same time because structure is good for me.

  • I need to do at least one useful thing after lunch (e.g., work, reading, groceries, etc.).

  • I need to eat enough vegetables with my dinner.

  • I need to cut out all the sugar in my food.

  • I need to see a friend at least once a week, so as not to get isolated.

  • I need to listen to podcasts to learn new things.

  • I need to clean my house to feel more peaceful.

  • I need to do yoga sessions a few times a week.

  • I need to make progress on some long-term goals for work.

  • I need to write in my journal every day.

  • I need to do healing affirmations every day.

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Chapter 6: Finding the Right Balance

Concussion recovery is all about finding balance. You don't have to stick to a rigid schedule. It's okay to skip a yoga class or any other activity if your body needs rest.

Chapter 7: The Journey to Self-Love

During my recovery, I found self-love and self-acceptance by letting go of unnecessary rules. It's essential to appreciate yourself and find happiness in life. Sometimes, it's about breaking free from too much planning.

Conclusion: Embracing Flexibility on Your Healing Journey

The main message here is that flexibility is vital in concussion recovery. Rules and routines are helpful, but they shouldn't stress any concussion survivor out. It's okay to let go, listen to your body, and enjoy life without feeling guilty. Remember, balance is key, and sometimes, the most powerful choice is to free yourself from too many rules.

Thank You for Reading We hope this message reminds you that it's okay to relax and let go of rules during your concussion recovery. Be kind to yourself and enjoy life's moments.

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