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How to deal with a concussion? 
8 tools that helped me to heal faster. 


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Here is what you've been told to do when trying to heal from your concussion:

2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured_edited.jpg

❌ Don’t make this concussion the main thing in your life, don’t focus on it all the time.

❌ Talk to a psychologist that will help. And don't stay at home all the time, that's not helpful for your mood. 

❌ Go home and rest as much as possible. You will be better in a few weeks.

❌ You have to start focusing on acceptance, accept that this is it and see what you CAN do. 

❌ We are all getting older, try not to make that a big deal.

❌ Just listen to your doctor. But he doesn't believe you, you're getting misdiagnosed, sending you home to rest, or he prescribes some medicines that do more harm than good.  

❌ Do you have anxiety? Do some yoga and it's gone! 

You are not alone.

In this masterclass you will learn... 

✔️ What having a concussion feels like and how to explain this to friends/family/doctors.


✔️ What affects 60% of concussion survivors but most are unaware of.

✔️ An effective rule that will help you to return to activities so you can bring joy back into your life.

✔️ How you get more energy, reduce headaches/fatigue and inflammation by changing 5 simple things in your diet.

✔️ The 8 sleep habits that help to improve your sleep within a few weeks.

✔️ The reason why 90% of people make their anxiety worse by doing the wrong thing, and how to finally beat it by using 4 simple steps.

✔️ 3 simple ways to create positive changes in your subconscious mind, which ultimately controls 95% of your thoughts.

✔️ The two most common mistakes why 90% of concussion survivors are not moving forward.

✔️ How connecting with others can help you make even faster progress and take the right steps.

After this masterclass, you'll be ready to make the first changes on the road to recovery.

Who is this free LIVE masterclass for?

✅ For concussion/TBI survivors who feel stuck and feel like they are not getting the correct knowledge from doctors and feel they are not moving forward (fast enough). 

✅ People who feel alone in their concussion recovery and are done figuring out everything by themselves. 

❌ This masterclass isn't for you if you're not willing to try new things or believe you can't improve. But I believe you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here ;). 

Make sure you're there...

By registering for my masterclass, you also agree to process your data in accordance with my privacy policy.

Are you worried about screen time?
You can listen to the masterclass as well. No need to watch the screen all the time. 


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About me

2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured_edited.jpg

Hi! I am Silvie, 32 years old and based in The Netherlands. 

In May 2017, I had a scooter accident, which caused me whiplash and concussion. That day, I went home after the accident, not knowing I’d just walked into a new life.

I struggled for years to find the right help and understand what was going on with me. The regular doctors I visited couldn't address my symptoms, so I wasn't getting any help from them. I felt misunderstood and lonely during my journey.

After years of struggle, I am back to feeling my old self again.

In all those years I was Googling to find experts who could help me. I was missing the correct knowledge to move forward and support from like-minded people.

I realized so many others on this journey are struggling with the same thing. And I don't want that to happen! 

So I created a community and a 3-month program where....


I could bring together all the resources, correct knowledge from 84 experts, and a community to help people suffering from post-concussion symptoms reduce their symptoms fasterJust to make recovery more affordable and accessible for everyone.


Let's move forward together instead of trying to figure out everything by yourself. 

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By registering for my masterclass, you also agree to process your data in accordance with my privacy policy.

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