Reduce your post-concussion symptoms 
It is possible! 

What is post concussion? 

Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) is when you experience concussion symptoms for months or even years after a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Concussion may occur when you have  a direct hit to the head or lose consciousness. You can even experience a mTBI after whiplash or jostling of your brain.

What are post concussion symptoms? 

Post-concussion symptoms include ongoing concussion symptoms like headache, brain fog, dizziness, poor concentration, mood changes, as well as new compounding and crippling issues. ​

+ Difficulty reading

+ Memory issues

+ Poor Concentration

+ Brain fog

+ Dizziness

+ Blurred vision

+ Anxiety/Depression

+ Feeling Overwhelmed

+ Nausea with motion

+ Ringing ears

+ Low energy

+ No motivation

+ Sleep impairment

+ Sensitive to light & noise

+ Head Pressure

+ And more

Sometimes patients can’t even explain their symptoms because your brain is completely off line, and not able to put the pieces together. Overtime, your symptoms can make each other worse, intensifying your PCS. Your lack of sleep may contribute to feeling overwhelmed while feeling overwhelmed and anxious can make it harder to sleep. It’s vital that you get the support you need before your symptoms spiral out of control.  

Get the right tools to start your recovery

Your doctor might have told you that your symptoms are something you’re just “going to have to live with,” but I disagree. PCS is not permanent; as long as you address it with the right tools, it is possible to recover! 

Instead of covering up your PCS symptoms, the Concussion Community focuses on getting better, and how to move towards a meaningful life. It provides resources to ensure that the best team is by your side, supporting your recovery.

Decrease your symptoms, get more energy and enjoy life again!

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Imagine this...

  • You have committed to yourself and made a solid plan to move forward after your first live class or mini course...

  • You are more motivated than ever before and feel like someone gets it and can help...

  • You finally know how to help yourself from home, so your symptoms begins to fade...

  • Before you know it, you are returning to activities that make you feel alive...

  • Soon, you find yourself waking up without a headache and with more energy...

  • There was a time when you couldn't imagine this happening for you.  Now, you’re smiling because the future looks bright!

How can the Concussion community help you? 

"The Concussion Community offers an online place for all people who are dealing with post-concussion / TBI symptoms. A place to connect with each other and professional concussion experts to help you to move forward and enjoy life again."


Are you struggling with screen time? Don't worry; all live classes will be recorded and accessible at all times. 

There are endless recordings from many experts around the world. Let's start getting well and moving towards a meaningful life.

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Our courses offer guidance and support on nutrition, coaching, anxiety, exercise, foggy memory, self-compassion, planning and pacing, yoga, breathing, and meditation. 

Before you know it, you will feel better and are able to return to the activities.

Available courses:

- Master your nutrition in 7 days

- Return to exercise post-concussion

- More coming soon! 

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Private community 

Do you feel alone on your journey? Please remember that you're never alone in this. In this community, you don't have to be strong or explain your symptoms. Just be yourself in a place with others who get it! 

We share lots of valuable tips and stories. We support each other positively, and you can always reach out to me personally.

Constantly feeling supported will keep you moving forward. 

Concussion Syndrome Management
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Feeling lost and don't know where to find answers?

Connect with professional concussion experts and ask questions during a live class. Get more clarity about how to move forward, so you can be sure that you're on the right track.


There are lots of experts who would love to guide you to reduce your symptoms, to get more energy and, to feel alive again.


Have you been resting at home and taking it easy, but you still aren’t experiencing the benefits? 

We will teach you how to help yourself from home. Start with exercises and feel the difference yourself. 

- Book with Cognitive Exercises (301 pages!)
- Language Exercises
- Neck Stretches
- Cognitive Number/Word Exercises
- List with Brain Games Apps + Categories
- Deduction Puzzles
- Geoboard Memory Game
- Poor Man's Dynavision
- List with recommended foods
- My Ebook: 7 Things that helped me the most 

come to accept your past

Find peace in the present

Envision your bright future

I believe the brain has the ability to heal

Hi! I am Silvie, 29 years old and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In May 2017, I got into a scooter accident, which has caused me whiplash and concussion. That day, I went home after the accident, not knowing I just walked into a new life.


I was struggling for years to find the right help and understand what was going on with me. The regular doctors I visited couldn't address my symptoms so I wasn't getting any help from them. I felt misunderstood and lonely during my journey and this is exactly why I created The Concussion Community. This community is a place for like-minded individuals, just wanting to get better and refusing to let this be their life permanently.

It felt so good to meet other people who know exactly what I was going through and without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. Finally, I felt the recognition I was looking for, I no longer felt lonely during my journey anymore. 


I hope this makes the step to the right therapy smaller because it will give access to experts from all over the world. There are always new things to try! 

"I believe the brain has the ability to heal. I see healing as a puzzle that you're putting back together. Each thing you try, if it's beneficial, is a piece of the puzzle and eventually, you get it all put back together. So let's start looking for the pieces and let's heal our concussion together."


What other people say 

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I suffered serious post-concussion symptoms, too, and I want to share seven things that helped me get my life back, piece by piece. That's why I created this ebook especially for you, and I’m giving it away for free, so you can benefit from my experience and gained expertise.

Now, with the Four Pillars of Life, and my smoothie recipe as a special bonus!

Download the free ebook!

7 things that helped me to get my life back