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Tired of struggling to heal from your concussion?

Stop trying to figure out everything by yourself.

 We help people with a concussion to reduce their symptoms, get their life back, and get support and the correct knowledge from 84 concussion experts & a strong community.

✔️ reduce fatigue

✔️ have more energy
✔️ improve my sleep

✔️ feel less stressed

✔️ exercise again 
✔️ have a better mood

Download my free eBook to learn 7 things that have helped me to:

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You sustained a concussion and can relate to this

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In the first year, I only focused on the physical part of having a concussion. I thought it was only about that and getting better.

But when you are sick for a longer period of time,
it does a lot with your emotions.

You have to deal with questions like:

👉🏼 Will I ever get better?
👉🏼 Am I doing something wrong that’s holding back my recovery?
👉🏼 Why do I feel like this?

Right now, after 5 years I see the emotional part was way harder than the physical part.

I worried a lot about how to get better, I had financial stress because I couldn’t work, I had stress about my social life, I just couldn’t catch up with everyone at the same speed as I was used to.

I had stress about
doing my daily tasks. Things that I could do with my eyes closed before the accident were almost impossible to handle after the accident.

I think the hardest part was
I didn’t have any control over my body and my mind.

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For me, having a concussion feels like...

An uncertain and confusing journey, where you don’t have control over your body, and you don’t know what you need to do to move forward.

It feels like
you’re your own
doctor, and most people/doctors don’t understand what you’re going through.

But little by little,
you figure out how to rebuild your life, how to manage everything and learn what serves you.

The thing you need most is
patience; it can be such a slow process, which makes it frustrating.

In the end, when you’re doing better, and you look back,
you realize you learned a lot. Things did change, and not only in a negative way.

You didn’t notice this when you were right in the middle of this

For everyone who isn't there yet,
your time will come.

You are always welcome in our community. All 84 co
ncussion experts and 200+ other members can’t wait to help and support you.


We are in this together.💛

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Here is what you've been told to do when trying to heal from your concussion:

Don’t make this concussion the main thing in your life, don’t focus on it all the time.

Talk to a psychologist that will help. And don't stay at home all the time, that's not helpful for your mood. 

❌ Go home and rest as much as possible. You will be better in a few weeks.

❌ You have to start focusing on acceptance, accept that this is it and see what you CAN do. 

We are all getting older, try not to make that a big deal.

❌ Just listen to your doctor. But he doesn't believe you, you're getting misdiagnosed, sending you home to rest, or he prescribes some medicines that do more harm than good.  

❌ Do you have anxiety? Do some yoga and it's gone! 

You're not alone.

Hi! I am Silvie!

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Hi! I am Silvie, 31 years old and based in The Netherlands. 

In May 2017, I had a scooter accident, which caused me whiplash and concussion. That day, I went home after the accident, not knowing I’d just walked into a new life.

I struggled for years to find the right help and understand what was going on with me. The regular doctors I visited couldn't address my symptoms, so I wasn't getting any help from them. I felt misunderstood and lonely during my journey.

After years of struggle, I am back to feeling my old self again (80%).

In all those years I was Googling to find experts who could help me. I was missing the correct knowledge to move forward and support from like-minded people.

I realized so many others on this journey are struggling with the same thing. And I don't want that to happen! 

So I created a community and my 2 courses where...


I could bring together all the resources, correct knowledge from 84 experts, and a community to help people suffering from post-concussion symptoms reduce their symptoms fasterJust to make recovery more affordable and accessible for everyone.

My mission is to help you reduce your symptoms, change your mindset, and be able to return to work/ (social) activities via classes, courses, my daily support, and a private community.


Let's move forward together instead of trying to figure out everything by yourself. 

It's time to heal your concussion

What do I offer?

Free - Instagram,
Podcast & Blog

With over 17K followers on Instagram, over 14K podcast downloads, and lots of blog readers, you aren't alone in this. 

I am visible multiple times a week on Instagram, and I record podcasts and write blogs on a regular basis.


I share more tips, hope, and stories on these 3 channels. 

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Join The Concussion Commmunity

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In this private community, we help people with a concussion reduce their symptoms and get their life back via classes, courses, and a supportive community. 


Join The Community together with 84 concussion experts and many other concussion survivors who are on the same path as you are. 

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My 2 Boost Courses 

Reduce your symptoms faster with interval training and cognitive exercises specially designed for people with a concussion to get maximum results. 


Start today and feel improvements in symptoms like many other concussion survivors within weeks. 

THE Game-changers

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2022.08.13 - Brandinshoot Silvie - Schoorl, Groet & Hargen - Captured.byShelly-287-min (1)

"I was constantly torn between "I can't let this concussion ruin my life" and "I have to listen to my body and rest" 

Watch my (2 min) story & why I created this community 

Read my blogs and find recognition. 

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✔️ to reduce my fatigue & brain fog

✔️ to have more energy
✔️ to improve my sleep
✔️to feel less stressed

✔️ to exercise again (finally!)
✔️ to have a better mood

7 steps that have helped me:


Download my free eBook to learn 

Receive it right away in your inbox:

By downloading my e-book, you also agree to process your data in accordance with my privacy policy.

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