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1:1 Coaching Session with Silvie

It's my mission and passion to help you to reduce/manage your concussion symptoms, change your mindset and enjoy life again.


Let's dive deeper into your personal situation, so I am able to help you even better! 

Due to too many bookings, the 1:1 sessions are not possible to book from here. Send me an email at info@theconcussioncommunity to hear about the possibilities 

I can help you with... 

Reducing/managing your symptoms, let's make it possible to live a more spontaneous life.

Listen to my story and tips and learn from my struggles. You’ll notice that it's healing to listen, you feel more connected and less lonely. 

Creating a safe place for you where you can ask all your questions to someone who has been there. You will feel more empowered, you don't have to deal with it alone anymore. 

Changing your mindset. You’ll realize how much a positive mindset will do for your recovery. As a result, you'll automatically see more positive things in your life and enjoy them more.

Stopping running from appointment to appointment. My coaching sessions will be offered online via Zoom, from your safe space at home. This makes you feel less stressed.

Being able to calm down, you will be more aware of the importance of rest for your brain. You’ll be able to give your brain the rest it needs. Your brain will heal faster

Learning how to prevent (most) setbacks and how to deal with them, so they won't last that long anymore. 

Not feeling isolated anymore, you have someone to talk to. All sessions are private and non-judgemental. Don't worry nothing is too crazy for me. I have been there. 

Getting back your hope and motivation, you'll feel more motivated than ever about your recovery. 

Get more advice on how to go back to work or how to set up your own business while still dealing with symptoms. Because I get it when you are struggling with financial stress. 

Anything else you need help with! I am happy to help where I can! 

Hi! I am Silvie 

My name is Silvie and I sustained a whiplash and concussion in May 2017. I struggled a lot, felt very lonely and most doctors weren’t able to help me. I became my own doctor and learned a lot during my years of recovery.

That's why I started The Concussion Community and these 1:1 sessions, to offer even better guidance and dive deeper into your situation. The 1:1 sessions are for everyone who is dealing with concussion symptoms. Let's save you energy, frustration, and the feeling of having to deal with everything all by yourself. 


I know how it feels to lose hope or to feel alone when you’re not able to explain your symptoms. I have been there, and I don’t want anyone to feel that lost and lonely as I did.


But you don’t have to do it alone. Asking for help was such a game-changer for me. From the moment I asked for help, I was able to improve a lot.

I will help you to manage your symptoms, to get more energy, to change your mindset, feel more relaxed, feel motivated again in your journey, be able to enjoy life again, and much more.

It’s my mission to make your recovery easier and to help you in any possible way.

Let's do this. Together!

Your Coaching Journey

Private sessions with Silvie. We dive into what YOU need. 

Nothing is too crazy . I get it, I have been there. 

Online. From your safe space at home.
Or for the Dutchies we. can meet offline;)


With or without video. Because I get it when video would be too much

In English or Dutch. 

From coaching, and emotional support, to what helped me, and what helped my members.

My coaching is for you if...

  • You feel alone in your yourney and you need someone to talk to

  • You feel there are more options to get better but are unable to see them or act on them

  • You are motivated to get better but just don't know how to get back that hope and motivation 

  • You are someone who loves personal development and growth 

  • You feel it's time to get back the life you deserve 


Due to too many bookings, the 1:1 sessions are not possible to book from here. Send me an email at info@theconcussioncommunity to hear about the possibilities 

What will happen after you booked a session?

First of all, I am proud you took a step forward in your journey! 


1. You will receive an email within 5 minutes with the invoice. Make sure you fill in the correct email address.

2. I will send you an email within 24 hours (during weekdays) and we will schedule a convenient day and time for your first session. 

3. The coaching sessions will be held via Zoom (you don't need an account). I will create a link and will send this to your email.

4. You can choose if you want to do the sessions with or without video. I get it when screentime is too much so the choice is yours. 

5. We will do the session! I can't wait to hear more from you and dive deeper into your personal situation. 

6. After the first session, you can decide if you like the session and if you want to plan a next day/time or just want to process the information first or not do a next one at all. It's your journey so your pace and your choices.  

I can't wait to hear your story and dive deeper into your situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For who are these coaching sessions?

For everyone who is dealing with concussion/tbi symptoms

What is the difference between joining The Concussion Community and your private coaching sessions? 

These two things are totally different. When you decide to join The Concussion Community you will get access to the monthly live Q&A Coaching calls from TBI Coach Julie Kuch, 160+ concussion classes, and 11 courses hosted by experts (not me), the private community and get access to more content. You won't find my private coaching within the community, only here on this page. The private coaching sessions are created for everyone who would like to get coaching from me and dive deeper into their personal situation. 

How long does a coaching session last?

Usually somewhere around 1 hour. Do you prefer something else? Please let me know by sending me an email at: 

What are the topics? What do we talk about?

This can be everything. First of all, I would love to hear your story and to know where you struggle with the most. From there we will dive deeper into what you need.


Can I get advice about how to start my own business as well (or go back to work)? 

I get a lot of questions about how I started this community and if I can help start their own business as well. I would love to help you with that because I know how hard it can be to start something while you're still dealing with symptoms. I can help with the strategic part but also with planning and taking care of yourself during the process of getting back to work.   

Can I book a session for medical advice?

I don't give medical advice during my sessions. My sessions are there to focus on the emotional side that comes with a concussion. If you need more medical assistance or knowledge about a specific subject I would advise you to join The Concussion Community, Within the community, we will share everything you need to know in classes, courses, and other valuable content. You are able to reach out to experts because their details are shared below the classes. 

How long do I have to wait after I booked the session before we actually do the session?

I am flexible, so let's try to find a day and time and plan the session as soon as possible. Unless you want to wait. 

What days/times are possible? 

We can plan a session on weekdays (Monday - Friday). I live in The Netherlands so I am in CEST timezone. I am flexible when it comes to the time but I prefer to not do a session in the middle of the night ;). 

Do you offer the sessions in English or Dutch?

Both! My native language is Dutch but English is the main language I use for this community. As it's not my native language, please forgive me when I make some grammar mistakes. I will do my best ;)

What does a session look like?

We dive deeper into your personal situation. I would love to hear more about your journey and the things you struggle with the most. 

Do I need to book more sessions or can I do just one and decide after?

Yes! You can just book one session to see if you like my coaching. No strings attached. 

What is the language of the coaching sessions?

The language of the coaching sessions and the communication around the coaching process will be in English, but Dutch is also an option. 

Are all coaching sessions only online?

Yes, unless you want to visit me in The Netherlands. 

I am ready to help you! 

Let's book a session!
Ready to get more guidance and move forward in your journey?


Due to too many bookings, the 1:1 sessions are not possible to book from here. Send me an email at info@theconcussioncommunity to hear about the possibilities. 

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